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Driving conversation and feedback with your employees

Butterfly Dashboard

We started from the beginning with this Belgian run New York based start-up to help build and design a beautiful and useful tool encapsulated in a strong and consistent branding.

Butterfly’s interface and features let employees, managers, HR teams and executives work together to create an engaged and productive workplace.

By connecting the dots between the academic world, modern technology and the private sector, Butterfly offers a refresh on the traditional feedback loop.

A reall caterpillar to butterfly transformation :-)


Appynest Inc.


Corporate branding
Website design
UX/UI Design
Product design





Strong branding

We took our time to build a strong brand for Butterfly. A simple logo says a lot. Continuity, lightness, flow... that's what WE call the Butterfly effect.

1 app fits all screens

When we design web software interfaces, we make them pixel perfect and responsive to any type of device and browser.

Don't you just want to pick this up and try it?

Chat bot integration

We designed the way Butterfly communicates using all your favourite channels. Slack, Outlook, Whatspp... You name it. It does it.


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