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Crafting beautiful brands, websites & digital products

Jaywalk is a digital creative agency based in Brussels and Lisbon, that fuels brands' growth through e-commerce, web design, UX & UI design, web development and branding. Not only that, with our innovative low code (no code) platform we can help you create digital products with no coding.

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You can’t hope to get lucky when it comes to software & web development. You need a partner with a proven track record, someone who can provide your business with the high-performing, feature-packed solutions it needs to stay competitive in an increasingly digital world.

  • PHP/JavaScript/HTML5/NodeJS
  • Headless CMS, Jamstack
  • Wordpress, Webflow, Silverstripe
  • Cloud/API/Webhooks
  • Web & Mobile Application (Flutter, React native & Native)
  • Agile Development
  • Server & Cloud architecture (AWS, VPS, Barebones, LAMP)
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We don’t just create your e-Commerce website. We provide the tools you need to ensure business success. We work with you to analyse customer trends and data to improve your page visibility and ultimately, your bottom line.

  • Shopify, Woocommerce, Webflow
  • Custom tender & auctions for diamond industry
  • Custom templates & themes
  • Subscription and onboarding funnels
  • Payment platforms : Stripe, Paypal, Mollie
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Web Design

Re-design your boring website with a stylish one that's sure to turn heads, whether you're just starting out or you have an existing business. A great website design is one of the most important aspects of any business. And, let's face it-- everyone wants to make a good first impression.

  • wireframes
  • mockups
  • responsive web design
  • auditing
  • landing page
  • forms
  • search engine optimisation > SEO
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UI / UX design

UI vs UX: Let’s drop all the BS. What’s the truth?: The truth is this: these terms are often used interchangeably, even though they’re very different. UI design is concerned with the look and feel of a product while UX design is concerned with the function and usefulness of a product.

  • Prototyping
  • Content Strategy
  • Branding
  • Visual Design
  • Motion Design
  • IxD
  • IA
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Digital Products

Robust and Efficient: We’re not a one-size-fits-all kind of digital product development agency. We carefully consider the right programming language, framework and architecture for the right application — resulting in digital products that are both robust and efficient.

  • idea generation
  • screening
  • concept development
  • product development
  • commercialization and rollout
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Whether starting from scratch or taking an existing business to the next level, we help our clients discover & articulate the essence of their brand and design a system that visually & verbally communicates what makes them different. It’s a journey worth taking, and we look forward to walking it with you.

  • logo
  • fonts
  • color palette
  • shape
  • tagline
  • tone of voice
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& methodology

We'll always choose the tech stack that is right for you whilst favouring low code & standard solution to make it easy for you to maintain

Amazon Web Services
phase 1

Discovery & Briefing

Let's Get Personal! We want to know all about you. As part of our on-boarding process, we ask a ton of questions about your business or organization, tell us some sites you love, sites you had and more. Then we'll schedule a kick off call so we can talk over everything you've submitted.

phase 2


We'll work to create a custom design just for you, based on the information you provided during our discovery session and onboarding process.: We know how important it is to create a stunning website that gets your message across, engages customers, and generates leads. We're known around town as the smart team, who can understand your business needs and actualize them in a visually appealing way.

phase 3


We take your concept and bring it to life with our development team. Once we've completed the project, you're able to preview it, put it through its paces, and make sure it's everything you want. We'll send you a private URL for you to preview your new site at any time.

phase 4


We have been working hard during the design and development of your project to bring you an experience that you are going to be happy with. The final piece of the puzzle is content.
You've got a great looking project, but it's like that pair of sandals... there's something missing. You know, content. Don't throw your project over the fence unprepared!

phase 5


Hooray, it's time for launch! That means you've tested, approved, and are ready to make your site live to the world. We'll do all the technical work in this process - getting it loaded onto your server, making it live, as well as any debugging necessary. (We'll make sure Google knows where it is too.)

phase 6

Training & Support

We’ve launched your project - and now we’re here to support it: Your project is up and functional - but now what? This project you’ve been working so hard on needs regular care to thrive. We’re going to schedule a training call so we can walk you through how to manage it as well as answer all your questions.

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