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The tourist office invited us to participate in a call for tenders. We won the challenge of providing a tool for the traders of the commune and giving them a shop window in order to increase their visibility within the commune and boost the economic activity of the commune when it was better not to leave home too much.

Easily find what you are looking for
Easily find what you are looking for
Discover your neighbourhood life

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Give your identity a little spring

Bring consistency and variation to an existing logo with our services: If you need a logo that is on brand for your business but with a fresh look, then the Spring/Summer Identity Boost Service is perfect for you. We’ll take any existing logo and give it a new blossom of life, whether it be with a small seasonal update or a full-on graphics make-over. After many years in the logo design business we know what works. And more importantly we know what doesn’t work.

With a little seasonal infusion in it, the identity remains in tune with the seasons of the year.


local support to support the locals

get a website that will have visitors asking for more: a website is by far the most important marketing tool a business can have at its disposal. without one, you run the risk missing out on all the traffic, leads and sales you could be getting. this website will drive customers to the local shops and merchants.

It is a toolbox for traders to find the resources they will need. Grants, subsidies, aids etc.


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