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UI / UX design

UI vs UX: Let’s drop all the BS. What’s the truth?: The truth is this: these terms are often used interchangeably, even though they’re very different. UI design is concerned with the look and feel of a product while UX design is concerned with the function and usefulness of a product.

What Is UI Design? UI design is a specialised skill that’s used to produce visual elements of a product or service. It’s broader than UX design, as it constitutes the entire user interface, rather than individual interactions.

UI and UX are like an odd couple. You can tell they belong together, but you wouldn’t necessarily want to spend much time with either of them alone.

The main difference is how you go about solving the problem. The two are similar in that they both want to make sure you have a great product. One just finds a different way to get you there.

"Make it simple, but significant." Don Draper

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UI / UX design

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UI / UX design

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