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What they needed

Lux Property’s new website is a breath of fresh air for their property brokerage business. It’s stylish and fully responsive – it looks great on any device, from computer monitors to tablets to smart phones. With its easy-to-use WordPress theme and powerful plugins to update their SEO and Hubspot CRM, Lux Property can maintain their website without the help of an outside company.

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Your property partner lighting the way

bring to life a brand and showcase it's full potential with pride

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Elegant corporate design

The client wanted a website that would stand out from the crowd. So we rolled up our sleeves and worked hard to ensure they got what they wanted.

Your company's corporate brand identity should be the equivalent of a good handshake, something that immediately makes you remember who you are. It should also be subtle and stylish enough to translate across a range of materials and media. Our logo design process is comprehensive and will take you through the whole branding strategy, including your name, font styles, colour schemes, and tag lines.

lux property consulting

Standout web presence

You don’t want another boring company website, do you? Then let us help. We listened carefully to what the client wanted and chose the right combination of imagery and fonts that will get attention fast. After all, no one wants to waste time searching through irrelevant information.

lux property consulting

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