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We are the fieldgood company

Field & Concept

Field & Concept is a field marketing company with a mission to help their clients succeed. Their clients include some of the biggest names in the business, and they're looking to expand their reach by revamping their website and bringing their field approach (or should I say concept) to the masses!

We love the way simplicity meets functionality in a site. There are lots of details to consider when designing and building, but we really wanted to create a strong yet cosy site that felt heartwarming & trustworthy. We want visitors to notice the logo first, and for them to experience the brand as functional and trustworthy.

We are the fieldgood company

tight package of light rebranding and website overhauling

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They already have the coolest building with http://thefieldlab.eco, they were just missing a matching website with the latest design trends. We brought the same philosophy and approach to the concept of the site : SAVINGS - GOOD HABITS - CREATIVITY.

We were given carte blanche and very few constraints for this project to create a brand new version of its former self. It’s been upgraded, updated and rebooted to look better than ever. It combines powerful technologies and the ease of use of webflow’s tailor made CMS for an optimal experience across devices and platforms.

Field & Concept

We had complete freedom with this redesign, so we went all-out with bold typography, clean lines and modern design. Our goal was to make it easier for customers to find what they're looking for by clearly highlighting key content areas on each page with simple graphics that can be quickly scanned by anyone who visits the site.

Field & Concept

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